How to choose a socket?(2)


Fourth, the internal structure For sockets, the first t […]

Fourth, the internal structure
For sockets, the first thing to consider is its security. The safety door of the socket is indispensable. You should try to choose a product with a protective door when selecting the socket. Secondly, it is necessary to check the tightening degree of the socket clip. The smooth insertion force is a key factor. The plug should be inserted and removed with a certain amount of force and cannot be inserted in one foot. This effectively reduces the occurrence of non-human factors for power outages. At the same time, the socket clips are made of high-quality tin-phosphor bronze, which has good electrical conductivity and strong fatigue resistance, and guarantees the plugging and unplugging times of 10,000 times (the national standard is 5000 times).
Five, safety certification
Qualified switches and sockets are compulsory certification products stipulated by China Quality Certification Center. Please confirm the 3C mark on the product and the national standard number when purchasing. Each switch socket base is engraved with a trademark, a certificate of conformity, and 3C certification. Sign.
In addition, we recommend that you also pay attention to the logo on the base of the switch and socket and the rated current and voltage when purchasing.