The working principle and advantages of the socket switch


The socket usually uses pure silver contacts and a silv […]

The socket usually uses pure silver contacts and a silver-copper composite material to make a conductive bridge, which prevents the arc from causing oxidation when the switch is opened and closed. The conductive bridge of high-quality panel is made of silver-nickel-copper composite material. The silver material has excellent conductivity, and the silver-nickel alloy has strong ability to suppress arc, which ensures that the socket can be opened and closed more than 80,000 times, far exceeding the international regulations. 40,000 times of standards. The switch with brass screw pressure line has large contact surface, strong pressure line capability and stable and reliable wiring. If it is a single-hole wiring copper column, the wiring capacity is large, and it is not limited by the thickness of the wire, which is very convenient.

The socket suddenly loses power when it is working. If the data you write or is not saving is saved, the data will be lost. The distributed power of the headphone socket can be realized by the microcontroller, and the power control waterproof tact switch, power management, Power monitoring and communication functions. The so-called power management refers to the effective allocation of power to different components of the system to minimize power loss. The headphone socket fabric power supply has the advantages of high intelligence and a combination of hardware and software. At present, the socket is mainly used in industrial and some household appliances, such as televisions, color TVs, computers, CNC machine tools, and automation control equipment.