How to choose a socket?(1)


The difference in socket prices is mainly in the use of […]

The difference in socket prices is mainly in the use of materials, internal structures and designs. Cheaper products are often compromised in terms of materials, feel and durability.
First, the material
Good sockets use PC materials. When selecting, it is best to do a combustion test on its core components. PC materials have the characteristics of moisture resistance, heat resistance, flame retardancy and impact resistance, and have very good resistance to ultraviolet rays. Will change color.
Second, the appearance
The surface of the good quality socket should be smooth, smooth and round. The material is fine and the color is good. It has ceramic white, no black spots, shrinkage, gas lines and burrs.
Third, feel
You can take a look at the weight, usually using a good shell insulation and high-quality contacts, the current-carrying material copper sheet weight is heavier. A good socket spring is moderately soft and flexible, and the opening and closing turns are more powerful. The touch is light and not tight, the good switch is generally hard, the piston is more powerful when it is switched, and the poor switch is very soft. If it is too soft, it may be ABS material, and even the switch handle often stops. The phenomenon of the middle position.