Electronic kitchen timer is convenient and practical


Whether it is steaming, stewing, boiling, frying, fryin […]

Whether it is steaming, stewing, boiling, frying, frying, or baking, the timer is a good helper. When I was young, there was an egg-like timer at home, which was mechanical. I am using the above figure electronic, more accurate (accurate to the second), a wider range of time (1 second - 99 minutes 99 seconds), memory function is also convenient to operate.This rounded, creamy little guy is very clean and cute, with magnets on the back and lanyard holes.

Good quality and low price, reference price is around 30.Of course, it is very convenient to use the mask.The company produces a variety of timers, modern timers include electromagnetic dot timers, spark timers, stick timers, parking meters, reaction timers, amplification timers, and windows timers.

Electromagnetic dot timers and spark count timers are the most common. The company is a first-class professional enterprise in the field of timers and timers. The company's products cover mechanical kitchen timers, digital timers and other electronic products, plastic products, metal stampings, etc., complete in variety and reasonable price.

The production process of the timer plug socket: from the processing and assembly of parts, the manufacture, polishing, silk screen, pad printing, fuel injection processing, assembly and packaging of plastic and metal casings, all by the factory itself.