What are the timers around us


The timer has undergone changes from simple to complex, […]

The timer has undergone changes from simple to complex, from simple to beautiful in the course of history. These cute personalities convey warm energy in our lives. Let's take a look at the cute timers around us.

1. Heart shaped hourglass

Heart-shaped hourglasses are now commonly used in wedding ceremonies, as witnesses to the beginnings and ends of newcomers. The heart shaped hourglass makes the timer more romantic.

2.Cartoon clock

The cartoon clock is suitable for the home environment and is especially suitable for children or women. The cartoon clock makes the timer even more childlike.

3. Electronic calendar

Electronic calendars are mostly used in office environments. Simple and generous styles should be used. The styles in the picture below are not suitable for office environments. The electronic calendar makes the timer content even richer.

4.Electronic watches

Electronic watches are becoming more and more popular among young people, especially white-collar workers.Carrying a watch gives a professional impression of professionalism and professionalism, which is conducive to promoting the good development of the work.Electronic watches make the timer more convenient to carry.

5.Smart timer

A smart phone is a timer that has to be mentioned. It integrates the timing function into the communication function and entertainment function, and the content is more abundant. Smartphones are now the most popular timers, making them more practical and entertaining.

6.Web page timer

Webpage timers are mostly used in the opening countdown of large-scale events. They can be designed to be atmospheric or cool and highly personalized. The web timer makes the timer more creative.