Some safety hazards and precautions when using sockets


In our daily life, we can't do without an outlet. We ne […]

In our daily life, we can't do without an outlet. We need to charge mobile phones, and electronic products such as TVs and computers. But have you noticed some ways of using it?
1. Household appliances that are frequently used and fixed in position should be separately connected to fixed sockets; for some appliances that are often moved, multi-purpose sockets can be used, but they should be used with caution and do not turn on multiple appliances at the same time.
2. Do not plug high-power household appliances, such as induction cookers, water heaters, etc. into sockets with low rated current.
3. When your plug does not correspond to the specifications of the wall socket, please do not artificially change the plug.
4. When the power cord or plug needs to be replaced, please ask a professional. Do it yourself. Make sure that the plugs and sockets, and the screws at the connection points are intact and fixed with the fixing device.
5. It is found that the temperature of the socket is too high or there is ignition, and the plug is not in good contact with the socket. When the plug is inserted too loosely or tightly, it should be stopped and repaired or replaced to ensure safety.
6. The socket must avoid contact with water, which may cause fire.
7. Keep the socket out of reach of children.