• Switch socket function introduction

    Switch socket function introduction

    The switch socket mainly includes an input grid filter, a input rectifier filter, an inverter, an output rectifier filter, a control circuit, and a protection circuit. Their functions are described below. (1) Input grid filter: Eliminate interference from the power grid, such as the start of the mot... read more

    May 10,2019 News
  • How linear sockets work

    How linear sockets work

    The linear socket is similar to the tap water pipe. Since there is no switch, the water pipe is always draining water. If there is too much water, it will leak out. This is the MOS tube of some linear sockets that we often see is very hot. All the incomplete power is converted into heat. From this p... read more

    May 17,2019 News
  • Buck-type socket switching regulator analysis

    Buck-type socket switching regulator analysis

    The transformerless non-isolated socket switch is the simplest circuit structure in the socket switch. Part of the input and output of this type of power supply is common, and the input and output cannot be isolated. Its application range is limited, but because there is no transformer, the working ... read more

    May 25,2019 News
  • The advantages of a tact switch

    The advantages of a tact switch

    The tact switch is a functional electronic switch, which is a standard component. When the button is pressed, the switch can be turned on. When the hand is released, the switch is disconnected. The internal structure of the tact switch is a metalloid. The shrapnel is forced to open and break. The ta... read more

    May 31,2019 News
  • Suggestions on the number of room outlets and switches

    Suggestions on the number of room outlets and switches

    Nowadays, many people are concerned about the problems of sockets and switches, especially sockets. How many suitable ones are needed? We have found some information about socket installation for your reference: (1) Master bedroom: 2 switches (double door control for the door and bed head of the mai... read more

    Jun 10,2019 News