Timer clock placement technique


The mechanical timer clock personally feels that it is […]

The mechanical timer clock personally feels that it is one of the most useful inventions of human beings. It can help us master the time. However, when I have seen many units or houses, I found a "fatal" feng shui problem. Many people hang the clock on the door. Above. Here, I solemnly tell you that the clock cannot be hung above the door.

Although timepieces are used to report time, there are taboos in our traditional Chinese physics. For example, usually the clock will not be sent between friends, because the "clock" homophonic "final". It is really necessary to send, then, there will be changes in the title. For example, men and women in love, the man sent a watch to the woman, can only say "send you a timer"; similarly, a good friend to move a new house, you have to send a nice clock to them, also to say so. Otherwise, friends may misunderstand.

The above is just from the moral theory of meaning.If you have a clock hanging in your home or office, please look up and see if it is hanging above the door. If there is, then, unfortunately, you "win", because you enter and exit this door every day, no matter Is it the door or the other door in the room? If you go in and out once, it means that your career, wealth, feelings and health are "finished" once. Over time, do you say that your luck is good?

It can be seen that the top of the door is detached from the clock.Then maybe a friend has to ask: Please tell me exactly where is the right clock?Strictly speaking, the clock should look at the size and orientation of the house; and the size, texture, color, etc. of the clock itself.However, there is one simple rule for friends:People-centered, placing or hanging a clock above the left-hand side of a person's face is usually in line with the phoenix's physiology.

If you sit in the living room sofa and you sit down, the clock should appear on the left hand side opposite the TV wall.If you are lying in a bed, you should also have a small clock placed on your left bedside table; the big clock should hang on the left hand side of your opposite wall.The same is true of a single office.If there is a large office with a lot of people working, then pay attention to the clock on the left hand side of the opposite wall of the office staff.The above-mentioned principle of physiology is that the clock can only be in the position of the Qinglong, but it must not be in the white tiger position.