Need to cut a wall when installing a switch socket


Surface mounted and concealed wall switch smart socket […]

Surface mounted and concealed wall switch smart socket refer to its two installation methods. Each of the two methods has its own characteristics and advantages, but aesthetically, almost 80% of them will be installed in a concealed manner.

Concealed, meaning to say that the line is hidden, the popular way is to install the wire into the wall. In this case, the effect looks a bit more beautiful, and the furniture and other things are easy to put on. Because the line is outside and sometimes it will affect the beauty of things.

The point of attention in concealing is that you have to draw a wire drawing of the wire to prevent the circuit from being broken when it is repaired or when you want to punch holes in the wall or install something else. There is also a need to pay attention to the line to be buried, not because the construction is not in place to cause the line is not beautiful. The concealed price is more expensive. The concealed bottom box must be bought and buried in the wall. After the house is installed, it will be installed and installed.

Surface mounted, in the family circuit means that the line directly walks on the wall and does not walk inside the wall, it is called the dress. The feature of the surface mount is that the installation speed is fast, and the price is relatively affordable, and that is, if the circuit has problems, it is convenient to repair. But the biggest drawback of the wall mounted is that it is not beautiful. It makes people feel that the line price in the house is responsible for the beauty of the concealed.