Introduction and classification of smart sockets


The smart socket is a kind of socket which saves electr […]

The smart socket is a kind of socket which saves electricity consumption. The concept of energy-saving socket has been generated long ago. It has been developed extensively so far, but the technology still needs to be improved. Some high-end energy-saving sockets not only save electricity, but also protect electrical appliances. They can be connected to handheld devices through Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. The main functions are remote switches and voice control.

Popular energy-saving sockets such as metering sockets, timing sockets, and remote control sockets can solve some practical problems, but they all have various defects. The metering socket can intuitively reflect the power, current, voltage and other information of the electrical appliance on the socket, and only allows the user to know the power consumption of the appliance. Users who need certain professional knowledge can analyze whether the appliance consumes power according to the measurement result. Found that the electrical appliances are abnormal, to avoid abnormal power consumption. The timing socket can control the electric appliance to work in a certain period of time, which reduces the energy waste in the idle period to a certain extent, but the actual electricity consumption period is not fixed, and once the situation changes, it needs to be re-set, which is inconvenient to use. The remote control socket needs to be equipped with a dedicated remote controller, which is costly and cumbersome to use, and is difficult for the user to accept. In addition, these sockets cannot have comprehensive grid parameter measurement and load control functions at the same time, and it is impossible to achieve safety protection for appliances, and it is impossible to avoid safety accidents caused by long-term overload power consumption.
Intelligent sockets are emerging electrical products. There are no clear standard specifications and definitions in China. Due to technical development and user awareness, there are fewer products on the market, which can be divided into the following categories:
One-way programmable (PLC) automatic control safety and energy saving converter
1. The product implements programmable (plc) automatic timing control on and off for the controlled home appliance electrical power supply, effectively eliminating the “zero power standby” of the controlled appliance during non-working hours.
2. The product adopts seven button operation modes, with 8 open and 8 closed programmable setting resources, and the control cycle is daily control or weekly control cycle.
3. The product adopts special high-efficiency energy-saving control technology and scheme, and its static power consumption and dynamic power consumption are less than 20mw.
4. The product power supply interface adopts special “anti-missing” safety universal jack and high-reliability elastic phosphor bronze insert to ensure safe and reliable power supply and power consumption.
5, using the battery to maintain the clock operation, the user-set timing program will not be lost due to power down.
6. The set program has the function of clearing and restoring.
7. The product has an indication of opening and closing.
8, the product can be widely used in televisions, computers, air conditioners, humidifiers, water dispensers, lighting, chargers, etc. need to regularly control the power and power off the various household appliances and office equipment, etc.