One-way Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Automatic Control Safety and Energy Saving Converter


1. The product implements programmable logic control (p […]

1. The product implements programmable logic control (plc) to turn on and off the power supply of the controlled household appliances office appliances, effectively eliminating the "zero power consumption standby" of the controlled appliances in off-hours.

2. The product is operated by seven keys. It has programmable setting resources of 8-turn and 8-turn. The control cycle is daily or weekly control cycle.

3. The products adopt special high-efficiency energy-saving control technology and scheme, and their static power consumption and dynamic power consumption are less than 20 mw.

4. The power supply interface of the product adopts special "anti-mis-insertion" safe universal socket and high reliable elastic phosphorus-copper socket, which can ensure the safe and reliable power supply and use of electrical appliances.

5. Batteries are used to keep the clock running. The timing program set by users will not be lost because of power off.

6. The program has the function of clearing and restoring.

7. The product is equipped with opening and closing instructions.

8. The product can be widely used in TV sets, computers, air conditioners, humidifiers, water dispensers, lighting, chargers and other household appliances and office equipment which need to be controlled regularly to turn on and off electricity.